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About Paper Sizes & Types for Paper Modeling

Paper Sizes

Our latest models use a universal document size that prints within the limits of both US Letter and A4 paper sizes. We’ll work on converting our older models however in the mean time please note. All of our models come in at least HO and N 1:160 scales for the North American and European modelers, and OO and N 1:148 scale for modelers in the United Kingdom, Australia. HO and N scale models are arranged on 8-1/2 x 11 inch standard U.S. letter size paper, while OO and U.K. N scale are made for A4 paper size. We notice that a small number of railroaders in the U.K. and Australia order HO and N scale models and even more surprisingly some modelers in the U.S. ordering OO. This created the issue of our models not fitting the paper sizes typical in those regions, which we did not initially anticipate. We will be working to make “Paper Size” not an issue for each scale of model however it will take some time to convert all the original models, so in the meantime please note the typical paper sizes for each model and anticipate accordingly.

  • HO – U.S. Letter
  • N – U.S. Letter
  • OO – A4
  • U.K. N – A4

Note: We’re also adding S and O scales to our newest models. These scales use our new universal document size.

Paper Types

There are three types of paper and cardboard used in our models. All models are printed on standard 20 lb. bond printer paper. Then some parts are then glued to heavier board:

Poster Board (US) or Card (UK)

We like the premium versions of this inexpensive material as it provides a bit stiffer backing yet is easy to cut. In the U.S. premium poster board is about 0.016 inches thick. The same thickness of card in the U.K. is 300 gsm. Poster board and card can be found at virtually any department store with a craft section, office supply store or craft/hobby store.

Mat Board (US) or Mount Board (UK)

This board is much thicker than poster board and glues together nicely. It is quite rigid though a little susceptible to delaminating. Typical inexpensive mat board in the U.S. is 0.051 inches thick. Mat and mount board is a bit more difficult to find. Only some hobby and craft stores carry this board and is typically found in stores that carry picture framing supplies.