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Boldly Go Where No Paper Has Gone Before

Sitting around the table with our coffee, we often toss out ideas. And then ask “what if?” This is one of those what ifs. The multi-layered design hides the inner workings of the sliding door, giving your speeder shed functionality and good looks. This won’t fit your loco, but if you have a speeder (I’m building one for my N scale) or a Gandy Dancer, this building will accommodate keeping them out of the weather. The interior, like all of our paper buildings, is fully designed including a workbench for the workmen who service the speeder.

Maybe a moving door on your paper model building is not needed. Maybe your model railroad layout is so big that you won’t even find the speeder shed in your switching yard. The kit allows for those contingencies. If that’s the case, you can put the workbench in another location.