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Cardstock Semi-Trucks, Trailers and Containers Project

A warehouse looks pretty empty without trucks. We’re beginning our development of our semi-trucks, trailers and containers project, all to be made of paper and cardstocks. We hope to have these available for purchase and download in the next several weeks.

Shown is the first iteration of the basic semi-truck trailer, with complete interior and open-able rear doors. Our intention is to have 5-8 company trailers as well as a generic that you can brand yourself, in common lengths of 28, 48 and 53 feet (shown is the 53 footer).

We also will be developing a flatbed trailer for hauling standard containers, and will have a variety of containers in 20 and 40 foot lengths. Finally we’ll be producing a line of semi-truck cabs. These babies cost a pretty penny for ready-made and our hope is to do a passable job of it in paper (we’re dreamers!).

What additional company trailers do you want us to produce? Add your answers.
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Boldly Go Where No Paper Has Gone Before

Sitting around the table with our coffee, we often toss out ideas. And then ask “what if?” This is one of those what ifs. The multi-layered design hides the inner workings of the sliding door, giving your speeder shed functionality and good looks. This won’t fit your loco, but if you have a speeder (I’m building one for my N scale) or a Gandy Dancer, this building will accommodate keeping them out of the weather. The interior, like all of our paper buildings, is fully designed including a workbench for the workmen who service the speeder.

Maybe a moving door on your paper model building is not needed. Maybe your model railroad layout is so big that you won’t even find the speeder shed in your switching yard. The kit allows for those contingencies. If that’s the case, you can put the workbench in another location.


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The One Warehouse to Rule Them All

Geeky title, I know. But this ultimate warehouse paper model kit is really exciting, at least as far as model railroad warehouses go. One base. Choose an era. Add a skin. Make warehouses of any size and configuration – over and over. Quick to build. Add roof and exterior details galore to really make it pop. That’s the concept.

The photo shows one of our builds (#2 to be exact) as we go through several in all scales during the development of each kit. With subsequent photos you’ll see more elements and features. This one is using a brick exterior but eventually you’ll have your choice of many surface materials and colors such as concrete, ribbed metal, etc. There will even be a pitched roof style. The perfect warehouse for your model railroad.

We hope to have this paper model kit ready in the spring of 2018.

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Working on the Smallest Details

Paper Model Railroad Detail

As we wrap up the creation of the Cricket Railroad Depot and Little Red School House paper model kits for model railroads, we begin working on the smaller details. Highlighting this is a photo of our desks, shown in both HO and N scales. We’re striving to add lots of extras and detail features into all our kits, from desks and benches to pallets, boxes and air conditioners. Personally, I’m really excited to get started on industrial details such as tanks, cyclones, piping, conveyors and more.

Stay tuned as we work hard to bring you an ever expanding selection of fine downloadable paper model kits in OO, HO, and both U.S. and Euro N scales.

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Cricket Train Depot Progress

Here’s the Cricket Train Depot shown in N scale. The Cricket Railway Depot kit is a small rural combination depot with lobby, office and freight room. It will include a low platform and the platform can be extended and curved as needed for your layout. We hope to have this available in a couple weeks, and will come in multiple scales and colors.