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Glues We Like to Use in Our Paper Cardstock Models

This spring I learned something new. While working diligently on preparing as many models as we could for our public debut it seemed I always had a nasty cold. This went on for about 8 weeks before I gave up and went to the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection. 2 weeks later saw no improvement and it occurred to me my illness started when my avid modelling began, so I researched allergic reactions to glue. Sure enough, a small percentage of people are quite allergic to cyano acrylic (CA) or Super Glue. Severe congestion and cold-like symptoms would come on about 12 hours after exposure and last for 3 days (by which time I was assembling another model and repeating the cycle). I stopped using CA and the cold symptoms went away, though I have continued having a buzzing in my ears ever since which may not be the least bit related. I now have some special CA, the kind “approved for use on foam” and similar to the low allergic reaction version used in hospitals but have decided to try an avoid it altogether, both for my sake and for anyone else who might be allergic as well. Even my brother has given up using CA in his modelling.

So now we only use two types of glue: PVA (white glue like Elmer’s) and glue stick. It turns out that for paper cardstock models good old Elmer’s is terrific. It sets fairly quick, makes an excellent bond and is readily available everywhere. And after trying many different brands of glue stick, most all of which were sufficient, I most prefer the extra strength Elmer’s brand there as well. I bonds a bit better and I like the snap on cap which is simply a lot easier to use, especially with sticky fingers, than screw-on caps.

So there you have it. We like to use PVA and glue stick in all of our paper cardstock models. If you come across CA specified in any of our models (such as the Cricket Depot instructions) you may always substitute PVA for your health and well being.