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No Color Printer? No Computer? No Problem!

While on the road to my son’s wedding, he needed me to print out some PDF documents as he had no printer at home. The only tool I had with me was my mobile phone. My wife smartly suggested I call a nearby FedEx Office to see if they could help. They made it so easy. And it occurred to me their handy solution would work for any of our modellers who don’t have a color printer, or who wish to have waterproof toner-based color printing.

Here’s how it works: Email the PDFs to You will receive a retrieval code back by email. Go to any FedEx Office location and use the self-service printers. At the Print & Go payment kiosk near the self-service printer, select Print and then Print With Retrieval Code. Enter the code and follow the instructions to print the files you sent via email. You even pay at the kiosk. And for those who feel intimidated by the self-serve process you can work directly with an employee to print them for you.