Modular Shops in Brown Brick


The Modular Shops in Brown Brick siding downloadable paper model kit uses a simple, easy-to-expand modular method so you can build your model building to just the right height and size for your model railroad layout. Now you can make virtually any size gable-end building large or small. Choose from a variety of doors and windows to make the building unique and fit your needs, including a rail car door. It even comes with a completely modular loading dock system to compliment your structure. Great for model train buildings such as shops, yard buildings, warehouses, freight transfer houses, manufacturing structures and more. Currently available in HO and N scales.

The Brown Brick version includes:

  • Brown brick siding texture walls
  • Dark brown roof
  • Building length from 14 to 56 scale feet and longer
  • Building depth from 8 to 42 scale feet
  • Wall heights between 8 to 20 scale feet tall
  • Loading doors
  • Rail car door
  • People doors
  • Windows
  • Concrete texture floors
  • Ground and dock-high floors
  • Wall interiors
  • Modular, expandable concrete and brick texture loading dock
  • Modular loading dock ramp
  • Wood steps
  • Heating oil tank
  • Chimney
  • Roof vents
  • Electric meters
  • Wall lights
  • Company signs
  • Door number signs
  • Safety signs
  • Door and dock bumpers
  • Pallets

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HO – 1:87, N – 1:160