Modular Warehouse in Blue Metal Siding


Now you can make virtually any size warehouse large or small, full, low-relief or flat. The Modular Warehouse uses a simple, easy-to-expand system so you can build your model to just the right size for your model railroad layout. For every wall segment you can choose from a variety of doors and windows to make the building unique and fit your needs. It even includes a completely modular loading dock system to compliment your structure.

The Blue Ribbed Metal Siding version includes:

  • Ribbed metal siding in blue
  • White loading doors
  • Corrugated loading doors
  • People doors in white
  • Industrial windows
  • Concrete block foundation
  • Modular, expandable loading dock
  • Modular loading dock ramp
  • Stairs
  • HVAC
  • Roof vents
  • Electric meters
  • Wall lights
  • Door awnings
  • Company signs
  • Door number signs
  • Safety signs
  • Pallets
  • Loaded pallets

Additional information


HO – 1:87, N – 1:160, N – UK 1:148, OO – 1:76