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The Joys of CA and Plastic Wrap

Paper Models of the West
Little Red School House

Have you ever played with Cyanoacrylates? It glues paper, wood, fingers and all the above to everything! Have you ever wondered how to use it and not stick?  I did and found an easy solution – plastic wrap. Place the plastic wrap around your cutting board and tape it tightly into tightly position. Then glue as normal with CA and when the glue cures, gently peel it off the plastic. Finish with trimming any excess glue that may be hanging off the model. I found that I could use the same spot about six to eight times before the plastic wrap stretches beyond a usable condition and that the glue did not cure as fast. I prefer the ten second set gel type CA because I am not a fast as I used to be. On the plastic, it was a minute or two before the glue was set enough to remove. Your results may vary.

Happy gluing!